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Weather forecast information - News, entertainment

Vessel Monitoring System



Satellite phone number provided


Timely connect to Government Agencies for management and rescue

Integrate location and VMS

Easy install with simple design


Easy connect to the internet by smartphone

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Seacom's Differences


Seacom's users can connect directly to mobile phone,
landline phone and other fishing vessel with high reliability
and quality, connect to other fishermen for information
and experience sharing.

Add-on services

many suitable add-on services can support fishermen with necessary informations
including weather forecast,
news, government's policy, entertainment,…


Seacom support vessel owners to manage fleet of ship and all fishing activities,
increase fishing quality and safety.


Contact information is completely secured.


The Government agencies can interact with fishing vessels for supporting
and fishing activities management


The telecom broadcasting area across the entire southeast asian
responses the activities of sea-fishing boats.


Seacom support fishermen, enterprises and government to ensure
the traceability of caught fisheries products, protect the fishing grounds
and marine resources, handle disputes and violations, compliant
the international conventions of fishing.

App Seacom

  • Smart app for smartphone and smart device
  • Free app My Seacom with convenient feature and easy to use.
  • Avaiable on App Store and CH Play

- Timely support by detail picture

- Receive warning from My Seacom App.

- Other information works on IP-based

- Send emergency message to government agencies

Add-on services:

- Activities management by CCTV

- Database access

- Device status monitoring

- Send weather information to land

OSB's hub station

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ha noi

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